About me

Hi my name is Iver (as you might have figured out by now). I´m a 25 year old northern norwegian residing in Tromsø, where I am currently finishing up my studies in applied physics and mathematics at UiT (the university of Tromsø).

Mathematics and physics has always been fascinating subjects when growing up, so when I applied for a university program it was obvious that I had to explore these subjects further. For thee and a half years I studied to become a high-school teacher in physics, this changed during the autumn of 2021 because of one course. This course was called “Pattern recognition” which delved into the world of machine learning, and from the start I was hooked! For each new algorithm I Implementing such as Neural networks, K-means, or KNN, my interest grew. Realizing that I would never be able to apply this knowledge as a high school teacher I decided substitute my program to Applied physics and mathematics.

Listed below is a selection of my many hobbies:

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climbing is by far one of my favorite workouts, it requires strength as well as flexibility, and can be a great problem solving challenge! I’m interested in both bouldering and lead climbing as they often tests different abilities of the climber.

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I have been kayaking since august 2021, having attended both the basic course and progressed with the thechnique course corresponding to a BCU-3 star level. The next step is to take the activity leader course allowing me to hold basic sea kayaking courses to introduce more people to the hobby.

I am imageless


Moving to Tromsø I never thought that I would start with backcountry skiing, the winter of 2021 would prove that wrong! A very gear heavy hobby, but once everything is in place there is a lot of fun to be had with it.