Notes/life/Goals 2023

A list of some of my most noteworthy goals of 2023! Why do I publish this you may ask? In that case read this Forbes article listing the advanages it has. The list is in no particular order!

  1. Finish my master in applied physics!

    Since I will be handing in my thesis december this year it is a natural goal for me this year.

  2. Improve my sleep routine

    I vary my bedtime quite which has created a quite unpredictable start for my day which in turn dictates how much time of the day I have to spend on various tasks such as studies, work, and hobbies. I aim to improve my sleeping routine in 2023 to give myself a more predictive day to plan my work routine.

  3. Become an activity leader in the norwegian sea kayaking foundation.

    Having taken the technique course in 2022 I can now take the activity leader course which will allow me to hold basic sea kayaking courses, as well as leading unexperienced kayakers on trips.

  4. Become proficient in a new programming language

    My main language is without a doubt python, it is without a doubt where I have the most experience! Through some various projects and classes I´ve been introduced to the basics of many languages such as php, js, R, C, and shellscripting (bash / zsh), this is great, however I would like to sink more time into one language rather than learning the basics of many. The yearly stackoverflow survey has seen rust at the top for a couple of years now making it a good candidate as a lower level language, the other candidate is Julia as a tool for intense numerical calculations.