Notes/life/This summer

The upcoming summer will be the last summer spent as a student, that means I will have my final summer internship!

This summer I will be working with the UiT machine learning group working with Polar weather prediction with Graph neural networks. The project is part of a larger research project, and thus focuses on a smaller aspect. The end-goal will be to find a new, efficient, Graph neural netrork models for weather prediction. During this project I will alnalyse weather data gathered from a sensor array scattered across Norway using graph theory, network science and ml methods.

Parallel to this I will continue my work as a part time developer at nørve and keep improving the webpage for our student sports club TSI, to keep developing my programming capabilities in a different field from data analasis and ml.

After hours

For a long time I’ve wanted to kayakk araound the Tromsø island. Since this might be my last summer here, I plan to finally excecute on this idea, and do it! The plan is to kayakk with some friens and make a nice trip out of it.